About the Founder

Melvin A. Creighton, CPA

Melvin A. (Mel) Creighton, the firm’s founder, is a licensed CPA since 1971 and California Real Estate Broker since 1972.  He has been representing individual and business clients in Irvine and the Orange County area for over 40 years and has vast experience in real estate from construction, sales and mortgages.  His passion is helping people prepare for and to live a better life.

The firm was created because he saw that many senior citizens were not financially prepared for living life to the fullest in their golden years.  He recognized that many people had not been able to save for a “rainy day” or retirement.  A lot of people were faced with not being able to retire at all.

“Our mission at Futura Mortgage is to provide senior citizens with an excellent opportunity to provide stability in their retirement while continuing to live in their home for as long as they desire without the threat of foreclosure hanging over their heads.   All of us take great pride in being able to help seniors retire comfortably and be able to retain their home for the rest of their lives.”

“When you call, we promise that you will never be treated as just another number as you would with the large, national firms.  We understand your situation because we are “seasoned citizens” ourselves.  We will analyze your individual situation and customize a solution just for you.”

On the personal side Mel has been married to his bride for over 50 years, has two grown and successful sons and four adorable grandchildren.  He is an avid golfer, a voracious reader and enjoys water sports.  Most of all, his greatest passion is helping people. Call him today toll free to learn if we can help you achieve financial stability during your golden years 1-(844) 388-8726 or email him at mel@futuramortgage.com.