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For many upcoming seniors in the United States, they feel like retirement is too far out of reach and, although they’ve lived in their home and payed for it for years, they won’t have any options for financial flexibility in their later years. Here at Futura Mortgage, we can assure you of just the opposite. Thanks to brand-new government-insured reverse mortgages, you can have guaranteed tax-free income based on a portion of the equity of your home for the rest of your life and your spouse’s life (so long as you continue to live in the home). Your home will never fall into foreclosure. The money can be spent on anything you choose, and you’ll never have to make another monthly mortgage payment ever again!

The best part of a reverse mortgage is the ability to receive your money the way you want. We can set up monthly tax-free payments for life, a lump sum at closing, monthly payments for a specific amount of time, choose to keep funds in a credit line, or any combination of the above. We promise never to treat you like a large, faceless national bank, and customize your reverse mortgage to fit your lifestyle and circumstances.

Futura Mortgage was built on the principles of excellent service and dedication to our clients. Stay in touch with our website and blog for more information on how a reverse mortgage may be just what you need to help you retire comfortably. Feel free to contact us with any questions. We’d love to help you today!

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